An Artist’s Workspace

What is your ideal workspace? A loaded question, and quite variable for each artist. I prefer mine to be bright with light, somewhat organized (what is art without a little chaos), and filled with color and inspiration.

Lately, I’ve come across retro fashion books, pin ups, and style icons. Skimming through these pages, I note images that stand out in both form, colors and a certain.. “je ne sais quoi.” Pardon the cliche, but how can one resist a little touch of CocoChanel herself or Alberto Vargas’ sultry poses.

And then again, there are the mundane and simple things, like a spoon, that can instantly turn into something more.

So whatever your ideal workspace may entail. Be sure to make it fitting to your own needs and ability to create. For sometimes, all you may truly need is a boost of inspiration and a good brush.


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